Retreat of Liberation, Healing and Empowerment

Life Force Awaking - Step 1

A Journey of liberation, Healing and Empowerment

4 days Retreat at Kfar Yehezkel - January 8-11, 2020

If you are reading these words, apparently you have begun to perceive that you are a sexual being with a heart, body and soul, and you desire to learn how to bring more freedom, healing, self-realization, and fullness to your life with the help of intimacy and more, integrated connection to your feelings, body, spirit and sexual energy. 

Perhaps, like many, you experience confusion, fear and pain and are longing for skills and guidance of how to be with this powerful energy. This energy brought us life, and at the same time is taken advantage of and used in imprecise ways in our society, which influences the way that we allow ourselves to interact and grow with it.

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Sunday - Wednesday

January 8-11, 2020

Arrival and Gathering -

Wednesday 12:00

Closing - Saturday 18:00


"Hila Farm"

Kfar Yehezkel



Early Admission - 2,800 NIS

(Until 31th October, 2019)

Previously Registered -

 2,350 NIS

Full Cost - 3,100 NIS

Can be paid in up to 3 installments

*In case of cancellation up to one month before the start of the course, a cancellation fee of 550 NIS will be charged.

** In case of canceling two weeks before the start of the course, a cancellation fee of 950 NIS will be charged.




Dear Or! Wow! It has been a little more than a week since the retreat. I can say that there was life before the retreat and life after the retreat in terms of my experience of feeling safe. The most meaningful part of the process for me was the subject of boundaries. Because at a young age my boundaries were brutally breached, I didn’t know what it means or how it feels to have boundaries, I didn’t know how to put boundaries and I didn’t know where to put them. Now I feel free. It’s clear to me what I need and what I don’t need. I can also say with certainty that I feel, which I couldn’t say before. I know how to identify my feelings and feel them in my body, which is so meaningful and wonderful to me. I can say that I’m alive! Thank you so much for your sensitivity, your precision and professionalism. You enabled the experience that I had – you earned my trust. And in a process like this one that is so very important. I share a wish for the world to feel the light that you spread!

With love, Nathalie Ben Atia


I am thankful for the choices that I made along the way that brought me to this moment… to be part of the grace that happened here and continues to resonate out into life. Step by step, with attention and sensitivity, we were led to a meeting with ourselves and with the group, and very quickly I understood that there is nothing to prove, nowhere to get to, and that the meeting itself is the subject for which we so courageously gathered. And every time that we agreed to meet in the present moment, magic was created… connections and immense healing… tears, laughter and all the good of life.

Or, it was exciting to see you lead such a diverse group through a deep and meaningful process… with your unique spirit.

Thank you for doing exactly this… for me it was a powerful experience of humanity and an awakening reminder of my connection to life force. Thank you.

Orly Atar

Or, thank you for the facilitation and for holding space with such presence. Your confidence, intuition, surrender, transparency and especially your readiness to be vulnerable inspired trust in me and enabled me, along with our wonderful tribe, to heal and surrender in the container... This was one of the most meaningful workshops I have ever experienced – in body, emotion and awareness. The process is still resonating and present in me. I love you and am grateful from the depths of my heart.

Reut Pobizer


Free and wild… Wow… Where to start? Before the workshop I debated whether or not to go. I’ve been to a lot of workshops in my life, and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go to another. I was honestly surprised by the power and depth. It was a deep, transformative experience full of attention, sensitivity and care. Or facilitates with grace, creates magical spaces full of love and care, and then the magic happens; we open up and connect, the emotions flow and the body talks. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will return.

Saar Ostreiher


My Invitation to You


More about this Journey and My Vision

Imagine a world in which intimacy and touch aren’t equivalent to: “I want sex.” Where nudity doesn’t mean: “I want sex.” A world in which sexuality is considered natural and beautiful, and is connected to our hearts, bodies and consciousness.

A world in which communication is open and clear, where our boundaries are respected and even more than that, where we celebrate others and they celebrate us when we create boundaries and are true to ourselves.

A world in which we know how to communicate simply and express our needs and feelings, and how to receive “yes” and “no” from those we interact with from a deep understanding that we are loved and there is space for us in this life just as we are.

Imagine a world in which it is possible to express our deepest passions and we know how to utilize theravive life energy that is inside us, in connection with our sexual energy, to create the reality we long for as lovers of life.

A world in which freedom and love are valued. Where the source of our deepest satisfaction is the learning and the experience that comes with self-realization, when we are free to dare and set out on the journey of life, to risk everything to hear the call of our soul. Knowing that nothing is certain.

Perhaps we will fall or fail along the way. But here, in full surrender, we find the cure to our deepest pain: freedom. The freedom to be. The freedom to feel. The freedom to choose the mysterious journey of our lives.

Here our true purpose is revealed: to move as freedom and love in the world.

This retreat is just about that.


Throughout the retreat, we will work deeply with the connection to our body and our emotions, intimacy and boundaries, communication, self-awareness and self-development, inner freedom, relationships – all of which are keys to a full life.

It is truly a journey of freedom and empowerment, unique in the empowering group process that creates a container of wisdom and support and thereby enables all that wants to arise to find deep and powerful healing.


On the first day, we will build a secure container of connection through forming agreements and building trust in the space. We will meet the group as a living organism, beating as one, where we are each an organ that is part of the whole, and where each of us brings our unique gifts to the momentary fabric that we create together.


On the second day, we will dive into emotions and learn to give space to our vulnerability and how to work with it towards transformation and empowerment. We will learn tools that have the power to generate deep change and use them to experience, through the body and emotions, what is still not free within us. We will be able to meet our pain and the things we judged in ourselves as vulnerable and broken with release and healing and transform them with loving presence.

We will get to know our living body and the primal, healthy qualities that are within it. We will make our first acquaintance with sexual energy and learn about various types of touch and how to communicate with clarity.


On the third day, we will empower ourselves even further by working with boundaries. We will learn to differentiate between intimacy, touch, nudity and sexuality and to meet each one on its own. We will connect with our body, explore our body image and self-value, look at our pain and at the places that experienced trauma, those that we imposed taboos upon, places where we play out the accept-reject dance with ourselves. We will create spaces for inner healing, connection and peace among our separate parts. From here, we will be able to explore pleasure and discover for the first time the healing power of pleasure and life force energy.


On the fourth day, we will learn the meaning of shamanic ceremony. Together we will create and experience a sacred ceremony with the sexual energy and life force that flows within our bodies, combining all the knowledge and processes that we collected since the first day. Following the ceremony, we will focus on integrating the entire journey within and among ourselves. Heart, body, emotion, sexuality and awareness. We will root deep within ourselves the experiences we had on this journey as we leave the real world (the retreat) and return to the workshop (life outside).

The retreat creates a space in which we meet ourselves and the vulnerability and power within us in an honest and uncompromising way. We move through our fears and pain to meet the places where we weren’t living our fullest, and through this we come home. True to ourselves, committed to our truth and to love.


I invite you to join me in this tribe that crosses borders, continents and genders and to be part of a new culture in which we explore, learn, create, and generate true change that starts within, in our inner world.





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